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Our primary goal is to simply provide the very best, quality material handling equipment for our customers according to our virtues: quality, innovation, service and flexibility.

Your quality expectations mean everything to us. Only by striving to exceed these expectations can we hope to retain your custom and therefore allow us to grow. Focus on innovation flows through our organisation not only to improve our products but also to drive forward our service and to make our system processes more efficient. Providing excellent customer service that meets with, or preferably exceeds customer expectations is a core business driver at BIL. To accommodate the needs of our clients, we accept that we must be flexible in our approach and in everything that we do

Buy Leading British Material Handling Equipment Online

We design and manufacture affordable equipment to suit pretty much every application.

You’ll find an extensive range of different types of trucks and trolleys  to suit just about every requirement, manufactured to order and some standard product lines are available from our own UK stock.

Choose your own specifications quickly and simply and we’ll deliver in quick time to the highest levels of quality, delivered when and where you want it.






Imitated by many, surpassed by none…our quality is in the detail.

BIL are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of materials handling equipment and our Quality Management System forms the backbone of our organisation.

Testing and quality control is standard at BIL and our products have been extensively field tested and also evaluated by independent test laboratories within the UK.

For more information our product and quality management, please visit our Quality page.


Looking for Skoots lifting equipment, machinery skates or jacks?

We are also the original manufacture of the renowned Skoots Moving System with 40 years of experience as a leading supplier of material and product handling equipment to a wide range of clients both large and small…. Please visit our Material Handling page to find out more.

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